Research and Development

Bishop Rawstorne Enquiry Based Research

It is only by understanding the root causes of educational inequalities that schools can identify and promote effective solutions to combating them, so research is an important and growing part of our work. As teachers, we continually have to ask ourselves whether effective ‘learning’ is taking place in our classrooms. Research can help us to understand what works and why, what the short and long-term implications are, provide a justification and rationale for decisions and actions, help to build a repertoire to help deal with the unexpected, identify problems and inform our continual reflection and improvement.

Teachers at Bishop Rawstorne have over the years been involved in a number of enquiry based research projects. The first action research project was launched in collaboration with a Higher Education institution and enabled all teaching staff to engage in a year long action based research project. The process allowed all staff to learn and share ideas with colleagues and discover new ways of teaching and learning. In the last year, all teaching staff have been engaged in Lesson Study and next year Professional Learning Communities are being established to allow groups of teaching staff to work collaboratively on projects and questions which will enhance the learning outcomes for all our pupils and facilitate quality and bespoke continued professional development for all our staff.

If any school has further questions about the research undertaken here at Bishop Rawstorne or would like support or guidance in launching their own CPD model, please contact Helen Winter at